Fat Burner Side Effects

1. AP is quite a powerful fat-burner, but it can have side effects, this is why it is prescription-only. I have been taking it for more than 3 months and I have lost 32lbs. total. I don't suffer from any side effects, but then again, I consulted with my doctor to find out whether this pill is safe for me, this product is not for everyone. What I like about it is that it really boosts my energy. Not only I'm thinner, I am so energized now, I had never experienced this before. Note that this pill alone won't give you great results; you will also need to change your lifestyle and eating habits to get the most out of it. I keep a low-calorie diet (and I don't feel hungry because this supplement fills me with energy), I exercise, this all contributes to weight loss, you can never rely on diet pills alone, even if advert says that you can.

2. I've lost 54 pounds after 3 months on this pill. It gave me dry mouth at first, but then my body got used to it and I have been feeling well. However, I'd like to warn all those who are planning to take AP: please keep laxative around! Also, being on this pill gives you certain food restrictions, but this is okay, you do need to be careful about what you eat in order to lose weight and keep fit, so, be prepared to changing your diet if you decide to try this pill. I'm still losing weight, and I'm filled with energy so, I'm satisfied with this pill despite some minor side effects it has.

3. I am losing weight really fast on these pills! I've lost 32 pounds in 3 months, it is wonderful! My husband even says I'm too slim now and all the feminine curves are gone, but I guess he hasn't gotten used to my new figure yet. I do everything as recommended: I go to the gym, keep a diet, and drink tons of water (this is to prevent dehydration which is a common side effect for rapid weigh t loss). I must tell you that it is pretty easy to keep a diet and to restrain from eating high-calorie food: this pill is a great appetite suppressor and a stimulant. So, don't be afraid that you will overeat when on these tablets, and thus eliminate the results: this is very unlikely to happen. I eat much less than before, but at the same time I feel less hungry now. I highly recommend this pill to everyone who wants to get thinner fast and easy, this product is really worth trying.

4. I started taking AP two months ago, and restricted my diet. I eat out rarely (once a week or even more seldom), never drink soda and don't eat sweets at all. I have lost only 7 pounds though. I'm a bit discouraged by my less than impressive weight loss, though I'm happy to have at least this, as all my previous attempts to slim failed. Another nice effect from this pill was energy boost, but my body seems to have gotten used to this medicine, and I'm not so filled with energy any more, though my appetite has not increased either. Luckily, I don't feel any really severe side effects, but this pill seems to have stopped working at some point.

5. The only changes I have noticed after three weeks on AP are: dry mouth and constipation. I also had insomnia the first two days, but then it disappeared. I have lost maybe 1 lb. or even less, I could have gotten the same result even without taking theses pills, but just due to exercising and dieting. I'm very discouraged, and, what's even more disappointing, the manufacturers don't even give money-back guarantee. I realize that I just wasted my money in wane.

6. I can't boast of any noticeable results: I lost about 4lbs after taking these pills during more than 7 weeks. However, the side effects caused by this product have been much more dramatic: I used to have diarrhea, nausea (which made me take a break from this pill for a few days, I was really scared!), insomnia, depression, and I even almost fainted a few days ago! Now, this was beyond what I could tolerate, so I abandoned taking theses pills, I don't want to harm myself even more. I'm looking for a safer diet pill now, but my experience with AP makes me hesitant about trying another pill. Seriously, if you care for your health, don't even try these tablets; they can do much more bad than good.