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What Can Soulja Boy's Thinking Skills Produce?

Thinking skills can help us get through the most difficult situations. Sometimes, I wonder what rapper, Soulja Boy is thinking up to get himself out of the mess he seems to have put himself in. Not being one to judge without looking at both sides of the spectrum, writers try to remain un-bias, but alas, when facts are laid on the table, any you are caught red handed, it seems the criticism may be justified?

The Beginning

Who would have ever thought DeAndre Ramone Way, better known as Soulja Boy, would rise to stardom? In 2005, Soulja Boy made a smooth business move by putting his songs on online music sharing websites under famous musician's names. Though the maneuver was rather sneaky, it caught the attention of many a young audience, between the ages of 6 and 40. Soulja Boy, Tell Em was the hit that spawned the country. It seemed videos were popping up everywhere with people doing the Soulja Boy dance. Amazingly, the songs he sold on the online music sharing sites, such as Myspace, Youtube, and SoundClick dot com started rising in popularity. Of course, the major record label's noticed this, and gave him a chance at much better distribution, media coverage, music video funds, and a whopping $500,000 advance. He had made it big, and at the age of 17.

Fans and Critics

After Soulja Boy's album released, it appeared his record sales would soar to the top of the charts. However, many hip-hop and rap fans detest his music style, claiming that the young rapper was, "killing Hip-Hop." Regardless of what these legends of Hip-Hop think, the youth are today determining Soulja Boy's success, and the radio stations, in the more predominately black areas, but also suburban pop stations are playing his songs repeatedly throughout the day.

The Genius

At the tender age of 17, Soulja Boy has managed to put himself in a position that most people only dream of: he owns his own product, completely. Because he produced and wrote his own material, he gets more money back from the album sales. This is the reason that he could pay the record label back their advancement, though his album didn't begin or still isn't selling as fast as he or the label would like it to. With album sales reaching over a million dollars, and with him receiving more than $3 from each album sale, a rough estimate of his funds would be $2,700,000! In spite of what any critics or die hard Hip-Hop fans have to say about his music, they can't take away the fact that he became a self-made millionaire before he became an adult.

Are the 15 Minutes Up?

Now that Internet gossip websites, and television gossip shows have been airing his dirty laundry, like owing over $9,000 in rent, and receiving many complaints from neighboring tenants, his arrogance has grown enormously. He made a video (the video is currently removed) showing many many chairs worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and stacks upon stacks of bounded $100 bills. On October 09, 2009, Soulja Boy was arrested for running away from police while attending a party at an abandoned house. People judge the young man and don't realize that he came into a lot of money at a very young age. Turning eighteen allowed him to decide, for himself, what to do with his money. Kids often make mistakes, and they need to grow up, but with that amount of money, trouble could just be on the horizon.

Who knows why Soulja Boy has been graced with such success, and little influence of the progression of Hip-Hop music as an art. His image, however, is failing, and his arrogance is costing him credibility. He's going to need some major thinking skills to get himself out of the ditch he's currently digging. Maybe grace will save him, as it lifted him.

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